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Key Features
  • 230 degree range of motion
  • Safely extends and stretches abs and back
  • Works on full-body core muscles
  • Works arms, legs, back and torso
  • Designed for maximum efficiency
  • Fully adjustable

23 in 1 AB GYM for ABS Workout:
Introducing the amazing 23 in 1 AB GYM the ultimate home-workout station.
Get toned and stay trim, without going to the gym!Using gym equipment can be daunting. But AB GYM 23 IN 1couldnt be easier to use. The unique design lets you move effortlessly from sit-ups, to leg curls. You can twist, stretch and lift with total support and control. Combined with the easy-to-follow instructional DVD, you can achieve great results without leaving home!
Trim that tummy, tone those arms and thighs, and develop your inner core to become fitter, leaner, healthier and happier.
The resistance spring at the heart of 23 in 1 AB GYM lets you safely stretch abs, back muscles and legs to a full 230 degrees. Extending the stretch in this way adds a whole new dimension to your training.
The cushioned swivel seat allows you to twist easily and comfortably, seated or kneeling, and the rolling support bars prevent rubbing or sliding. Theyre also adjustable for when you need to take your routine to the next level.
With the AB GYM and the easy-to-follow DVD, you can train in the privacy of your lounge or bedroom. When youre done, it folds away easily into a compact size to be stored anywhere, so you dont need to sacrifice precious space in your home.

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